PM invites Chinese industries to relocate setups to Pakistan

Islamabad: During his meeting with National People’s Congress (NPC) Chairman Li Zhanshu in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People on Wednesday, Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan issued a proposal for Chinese firms to relocate their industrial setups to Pakistan in order to avail the numerous benefits being offered by the government – according to news sources.

He lauded China’s support on all issues which concerned Pakistan’s sovereign interest. He was adamant that the completion of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was his government’s top priority and its Phase-II will advance the socio-economic development and employment opportunities.

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The prime minister was accompanied by the railways minister, minister for foreign affairs and other senior officials. He lauded China’s economic transformation in the last few decades and declared it worth emulating to reduce poverty in Pakistan. He solicited China’s support to improve Pakistan’s artificial intelligence and agriculture sectors.

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In response, Chairman Li Zhanshu reassured PM Imran of China’s commitment to support Pakistan with regard to the latter’s core issues. He also expressed China’s inclination to advance the scope of CPEC in Pakistan through the addition of a few more projects.

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