” Consider it done. Undertaking marketing services for Real-Estate projects, keeping the buyers updated with market trends and providing ethical consultant services to the builders and developers remain the central theme of the organization. “


Bright Global Marketing offers complete marketing and advertising solutions and conducts every step of marketing from within the system, the company is rendering the following:

• Marketing and selling responsibilities and consultancy services especially in the field of Real-Estate.

• Consultancy and Marketing services for various promotional and public relations campaigns on behalf of its clients

• Market research, surveys and forecasts especially in the feld of Real-Estate.


  • The Company undertakes market research before the launch of every project, so that the rationale and market needs can be understood before the launch of every campaign. The business of real estate should be founded on modern studies of marketing and developed on scientific fundamentals of research. Bright Global Marketing has the expertise and experience to prepare and execute total marketing plans / solutions for all types of real estate projects anywhere in the world.


  • For its massive advertising campaigns, Bright Global Marketing always acquires the services of the most reputed and creative advertising agency of the country, Manhill Advertising & Marketing.


  • Bright Global Marketing not only utilizes its own innovative strategy of real estate marketing, but also focuses on repeat customers (continual investors). This way, it uses its own customer bank which consists of a long list of satisfied clientele. The company also renders consultancy services for various promotional and public relations activities on behalf of its clients.


  • Being a truly professional and commercial marketing company, Bright Global Marketing is a customer-oriented firm, relentlessly working towards providing top of the line customer services and support to its existing clientele.


Bright global Marketing is the pioneer in setting the culture of Real Estate marketing in Pakistan. We offer unparalleled services to our valuable clients (Builders and Developers) to parade their outputs before the hankering consumer market. Bright Global marketing has an extra ordinary record of ravishing successes with its superlative innovative marketing concepts and exceptional promotional strategies within and beyond the national terrain.